IdN Extra 08: Typo/graphic Posters

IdN Extra 08: Typo/graphic Posters

Data Typography, Graphics, and its Application in Creative Poster Design

Typo/graphic posters of type and posters

Type design and typography is one of the key elements of a basic poster design. On the one hand, headline type needs to be legible to communicate the message of the poster; but how do you balance it with the rest of the elements of a poster? Graphics, photos, information, illustrations... indeed, there is a lot to be considered in a poster than one might think. In this issue, expect to see some of the genre’s heavyweights and their love for type and poster design.


ISBN: 978-988-15950-4-1
Size: 210mm(w) x 270mm(h)
Pages: 142 pages


Aleksandra Niepsuj | Atelier Martino&Jaña | atipo® | Bauer | Boris Bonev | Bruno Porto | CLEVER°FRANKE | Demian Conrad Design | Designers United | Diego Bellorin - EMPK Atelier | Dragana Nikolic | Emanuel Cohen | Erich Brechbühl - Mixer | Erik Brandt - Typografika | Family | Fons Hickmann - m23 | Götz Gramlich - gggrafik-design | GVA Studio | Hansje van Halem | Hey | Hoax | Homa Delvaray | HORT | I LIKE BIRDS | Jaewon Seok | Jarr Geerligs | Kambiz Shafei | Kiko Farkas | Kouglof | Niessen & de Vries | Noviki | Oh Yeah Studio | Peter Crnokrak - The Luxury of Protest | Quadradão | Rodrigo Sommer | Seven25 | SILNT | Staynice | Stefan Lucut | Stefan Sagmeister - Sagmeister Inc | Studio FM Milano | Studio Frederic Tacer | Studio Wilfredtimo | Synopsis | The Rodina | Toko | | Visiotypen


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